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manage clusters#


nmo cluster get [<clustername>], [<nodename>] [--json]
nmo cluster add <node>, <url>, <clustername>
nmo cluster join <clustername>


  • add:

Add a node to a cluster in the nmo configuration file. Overwrites nodes with the same name in the same cluster.


nmo cluster add newnode http://user:pw@ anemone

This will add a node called newnode available at http://user:pw@ to the cluster anemone.

Print sections or values inside sections from the configuration file. JSON output is also supported by passing the --json flag.


nmo cluster get anemone --json

Will print all nodes in the cluster named anemone as JSON output.

Joins nodes in a defined cluster-section to create a cluster


nmo cluster join anemone

Will try to join all nodes defined in the anemone section to create a new cluster.