Package org.apache.datasketches.hllmap

The hllmap package contains a space efficient HLL mapping sketch of keys to approximate unique count of identifiers. For example, counting the number of unique users (identifiers) per IP address.

In cases where the number of keys is very large, having an individual HLL sketch per key may not be practical. If the distribution of values per key is highly skewed where the vast majority of keys have only a few values then this mapping sketch will make sense as it will be far more space efficient than dedicating individual HLL sketches per key.

From our own testing, sketching 100 million IPv4 addresses with such a highly skewed distribution of identifiers per IP uses only 1.4GB of memory. This translates to an average of about 10 bytes per IP allocated to the equivalent of a full k=1024 HLL sketch and provides an RSE of less than 2.5%. Your results will vary depending on the actual distribution of identifiers per key.

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