A realtime, distributed, fault-tolerant stream processing engine from Twitter

Why Heron?

Speed and Performance
Heron is built with a wide array of architectural improvements that contribute to high efficiency gains.
Proven at Twitter Scale
Heron has powered all realtime analytics with varied use cases at Twitter since 2014. Incident reports dropped by an order of magnitude demonstrating proven reliability and scalability
Compatibility with Storm
Heron is API compatible with Apache Storm and hence no code change is required for migration.
Ease of Development and Troubleshooting
Easily debug and identify the issues in topologies, allowing faster iteration during development.
Simplified and Responsive UI
Heron UI gives a visual overview of each topology to visualize hot spot locations and detailed counters for tracking progress and troubleshooting.
Scalability and Reliability
Heron is highly scalable both in the ability to execute large number of components for each topology and the ability to launch and track large numbers of topologies.

Get Started

Run Topologies using pre-compiled Heron binaries

Get Started

Migrate Existing Storm Topologies

Migrate Storm topologies