This document describes the Heron core contributors’ plans for introducing features that will be incorporated into version 1.0. Note that this roadmap only includes features that the Heron core contributors team itself intends to support. We anticipate that a number of other features will be added by community contributors.

For beta releases, the Heron team will maintain two code repositories:

  1. A non-public Twitter-internal repository, containing both the mirror of the public Heron Github repository and small proprietary Twitter-specific extensions and features.

  2. An external GitHub repository, containing only the Heron code.

Feature list

In the following list, each feature is associated with a corresponding milestone. The convention for the priorities are:

  1. P0 feature will block the milestone; we will delay the milestone date until the feature is shipped.

  2. P1 feature can delay the milestone if the feature can be shipped with a reasonable delay (2 months max).

  3. P2 feature will be dropped and rescheduled for later rather than delaying the milestone.

We will update this list when reaching each milestone; some milestones may also be refined if appropriate.