The parameters in the sections below are set at the system level and thus do not apply to any specific component.


Config Meaning Default
heron.check.tmaster.location.interval.sec The interval, in seconds, after which to check if the topology master location has been fetched or not 120
heron.metrics.export.interval The interval, in seconds, at which components export metrics to the topology’s Metrics Manager


Config Meaning Default The relative path to the logging directory log-files
heron.logging.maximum.size.mb The maximum log file size (in megabytes) 100
heron.logging.maximum.files The maximum number of log files 5
heron.logging.prune.interval.sec The time interval, in seconds, at which Heron prunes log files 300
heron.logging.flush.interval.sec The time interval, in seconds, at which Heron flushes log files 10
heron.logging.err.threshold The threshold level to log error 3