View States

State-related management of the UI

The View States feature is a way of putting different filters over parts of your application so that different things appear depending on what the app is doing, what permissions the user has, what the user just did, or some other condition. You create a series of “states” and associate components of your application with one or more of the states. When the current state of the application is “loggedIn”, for example, the user only sees components and containers set to be visible in the “loggedIn” state.

Learn how to use View States in your app:

  • A tutorial on View States on the Royale blog.
  • The Tour de Jewel page, which has a wealth of examples of using Royale’s Jewel component set, has an interactive demonstration of using View States with both “includeIn” and dot notation, with downloadable code you can adapt to your app’s needs.