Sets of code libraries availables in Royale

A framework is a set of code that provides support for application development by offering templates, components and examples. Developers using Adobe and Apache Flex benefitted from a number of frameworks, including: Tide, Swiz, Parsley, Cairngorm, PureMVC, DropAS3, Fabrication, Mate, and RobotLegs.

Royale provides its own framework for making simple, small and fast applications, but also offers support for deploying additional Royale frameworks and using popular JavaScript frameworks.

Apache Royale frameworks

The first Royale framework in development is Crux, based on Swiz for Flex. It proposes to provide:

Documentation for Crux will be available soon.

Apache Royale Component Sets

Apache Royale supports its own component sets of controls, options for grouping controls, and other elements designed to help developers get the most of the technology.

Why would you use a third-party framework with Royale? Because you like the look and feel of that framework’s user interface components but want to use ActionScript to handle the business logic and/or use MXML to set up the UI.

Other Component Sets

These component sets are created under the Royale umbrella, but use or wrap existing external libraries or frameworks. Royale supports (to varying degrees):

Many other JavaScript frameworks could be made to work with Royale if they support dynamic instantiation of components. All it takes is volunteers to make it happen.