Create in Royale the Flex components you need

Apache Royale offers a growing list of components that let you build your application and deploy it almost anywhere. However, there are still many features that were available in Adobe and Apache Flex and are “coming soon” in Royale. Most of these components relied on Flex APIs and either Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR, which a Royale application compiled into JavaScript and running on a browser cannot do.

Royale is creating a set of emulation components to replace the Flex components that depended on Flash features. These components do not promise 100% backward compatibility and may not use the same class hierarchy as Flex. But they do approximate what the equivalent components in Flex did.

There are two emulation component sets:

  • MXRoyale contains emulations of UIComponent and other MX components.
  • SparkRoyale contains emulations of Spark components.

The Royale team typically discovers the need to emulate a component when a project or company starts to migrate an existing Flex application. We have developed guides to help developers create emulations that they need for their own applications, and that they can share with the community.

Further information is in these documents: