Solr Operator Documentation

Developing the Solr Operator

This page details the steps for developing the Solr Operator, and all necessary steps to follow before creating a PR to the repo.


Install a newer version of Bash

If you are running on a Mac, you need to download a newer version of bash and have it used as your default version of bash. An easy way to do this is via Homebrew.

Setup Docker for Mac with K8S with an Ingress Controller

Please follow the instructions from the local tutorial.

Install the necessary dependencies

Install the Zookeeper Operator, which this operator depends on by default. It is optional, however, as described in the Zookeeper Reference section in the CRD docs.

helm repo add pravega
helm install zookeeper-operator pravega/zookeeper-operator --version 0.2.15

Install necessary dependencies for building and deploying the operator.

export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin" # You likely want to add this line to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases
make install-dependencies

Build the Solr CRDs

If you have changed anything in the APIs directory, you will need to run the following command to regenerate all Solr CRDs.

make manifests

In order to apply these CRDs to your kube cluster, merely run the following:

make install

Build and Run local versions

It is very useful to build and run your local version of the operator to test functionality.

Building the Solr Operator

Building a Go binary

Building the Go binary files is quite straightforward:

make build

This is useful for testing that your code builds correctly, as well as using the make run command detailed below.

Building the Docker image

Building and releasing a test operator image with a custom Docker namespace.

REPOSITORY=your-repository make docker-build docker-push

You can control the repository and version for your solr-operator docker image via the ENV variables:

The image will be created under the tag $(REPOSITORY)/$(NAME):$(TAG) as well as $(REPOSITORY)/$(NAME):latest.

Running the Solr Operator

There are a few options for running the Solr Operator version you are developing.

Warning: If you are running kubernetes locally and do not want to push your image to docker hub or a private repository, you will need to set the imagePullPolicy: Never on your Solr Operator Deployment. That way Kubernetes does not try to pull your image from whatever repo it is listed under (or docker hub by default).


If you are creating new functionality for the operator, please include that functionality in an existing test or a new test before creating a PR. Most tests can be found in the controller directory, with names that end in _test.go.

PRs will automatically run the unit tests, and will block merging if the tests fail.

You can run these tests locally via the following make command:

make test

Before you create a PR

The github actions will auto-check that linting is successful on your PR. To make sure that the linting will succeed, run the following command before committing.

make prepare

Make sure that you have updated the go.mod file:

make mod-tidy