Class DMLOptions

  • public class DMLOptions
    extends Object
    Set of DMLOptions that can be set through the command line and MLContext The values have been initialized with the default values Despite there being a DML and PyDML, this class is named DMLOptions to keep it consistent with DMLOptions and DMLOptions
    • Field Detail

      • options

        public final org.apache.commons.cli.Options options
      • configFile

        public String configFile
      • clean

        public boolean clean
      • stats

        public boolean stats
      • statsCount

        public int statsCount
      • fedStats

        public boolean fedStats
      • fedStatsCount

        public int fedStatsCount
      • memStats

        public boolean memStats
      • gpu

        public boolean gpu
      • forceGPU

        public boolean forceGPU
      • debug

        public boolean debug
      • filePath

        public String filePath
      • script

        public String script
      • help

        public boolean help
      • lineage

        public boolean lineage
      • lineage_dedup

        public boolean lineage_dedup
      • lineage_estimate

        public boolean lineage_estimate
      • lineage_debugger

        public boolean lineage_debugger
      • fedWorker

        public boolean fedWorker
      • fedWorkerPort

        public int fedWorkerPort
      • fedMonitoring

        public boolean fedMonitoring
      • fedMonitoringPort

        public int fedMonitoringPort
      • fedMonitoringAddress

        public String fedMonitoringAddress
      • pythonPort

        public int pythonPort
      • checkPrivacy

        public boolean checkPrivacy
      • federatedCompilation

        public boolean federatedCompilation
      • noFedRuntimeConversion

        public boolean noFedRuntimeConversion
      • seed

        public int seed
      • defaultOptions

        public static final DMLOptions defaultOptions
    • Constructor Detail

      • DMLOptions

        public DMLOptions​(org.apache.commons.cli.Options opts)
    • Method Detail

      • parseCLArguments

        public static DMLOptions parseCLArguments​(String[] args)
                                           throws org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException
        Parses command line arguments to create a DMLOptions instance with the correct options
        args - arguments from the command line
        an instance of DMLOptions that contain the correct Options.
        org.apache.commons.cli.ParseException - if there is an incorrect option specified in the CLI