Class Metadata

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    FrameMetadata, MatrixMetadata

    public abstract class Metadata
    extends Object
    Abstract metadata class for MLContext API. Complex types such as SystemDS matrices and frames typically require metadata, so this abstract class serves as a common parent class of these types.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Metadata

        public Metadata()
    • Method Detail

      • asMatrixCharacteristics

        public MatrixCharacteristics asMatrixCharacteristics()
        Convert the metadata to a DataCharacteristics object. If all field values are null, null is returned.
        the metadata as a DataCharacteristics object, or null if all field values are null
      • getNumColumns

        public Long getNumColumns()
        Obtain the number of columns
        the number of columns
      • getNumNonZeros

        public Long getNumNonZeros()
        Obtain the number of non-zero values
        the number of non-zero values
      • getNumRows

        public Long getNumRows()
        Obtain the number of rows
        the number of rows
      • getBlocksize

        public Integer getBlocksize()
        Obtain the number of rows/cols per block
        the number of rows/cols per block
      • setMatrixCharacteristics

        public void setMatrixCharacteristics​(MatrixCharacteristics matrixCharacteristics)
        Set the metadata fields based on a DataCharacteristics object.
        matrixCharacteristics - the matrix metadata as a DataCharacteristics object
      • setNumColumns

        public void setNumColumns​(Long numColumns)
        Set the number of columns
        numColumns - the number of columns
      • setNumNonZeros

        public void setNumNonZeros​(Long numNonZeros)
        Set the number of non-zero values
        numNonZeros - the number of non-zero values
      • setNumRows

        public void setNumRows​(Long numRows)
        Set the number of rows
        numRows - the number of rows
      • setBlocksize

        public void setBlocksize​(Integer blen)
        Set the number of rows per block
        blen - the number of rows/cols per block