Class ConfigurationManager

  • public class ConfigurationManager
    extends Object
    Singleton for accessing the parsed and merged system configuration. NOTE: parallel execution of multiple DML scripts (in the same JVM) with different configurations would require changes/extensions of this class.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigurationManager

        public ConfigurationManager()
    • Method Detail

      • getCachedJobConf

        public static org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobConf getCachedJobConf()
        Returns a cached JobConf object, intended for global use by all operations with read-only access to job conf. This prevents to read the hadoop conf files over and over again from classpath.
        the cached JobConf
      • setCachedJobConf

        public static void setCachedJobConf​(org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobConf job)
      • setGlobalConfig

        public static void setGlobalConfig​(DMLConfig conf)
        Sets a global configuration as a basis for any thread-local configurations. NOTE: This global configuration should never be accessed directly but only through its thread-local derivatives.
        conf - the configuration
      • setLocalConfig

        public static void setLocalConfig​(DMLConfig conf)
        Sets the current thread-local dml configuration to the given config.
        conf - the configuration
      • getDMLConfig

        public static DMLConfig getDMLConfig()
        Gets the current thread-local dml configuration.
        the dml configuration
      • setGlobalConfig

        public static void setGlobalConfig​(CompilerConfig conf)
      • setLocalConfig

        public static void setLocalConfig​(CompilerConfig conf)
        Sets the current thread-local compiler configuration to the given config.
        conf - the compiler configuration
      • clearLocalConfigs

        public static void clearLocalConfigs()
        Removes the thread-local dml and compiler configurations, leading to a reinitialization on the next get unless set in between.
      • getCompilerConfig

        public static CompilerConfig getCompilerConfig()
        Gets the current thread-local compiler configuration.
        the compiler configuration
      • getCompilerConfigFlag

        public static boolean getCompilerConfigFlag​(CompilerConfig.ConfigType key)
        Get a boolean compiler config in a robust manner, returning false if config not existing.
        key - config type
        compiler config flag
      • getScratchSpace

        public static String getScratchSpace()
      • getBlocksize

        public static int getBlocksize()
      • isDynamicRecompilation

        public static boolean isDynamicRecompilation()
      • isParallelMatrixOperations

        public static boolean isParallelMatrixOperations()
      • isParallelTransform

        public static boolean isParallelTransform()
      • isParallelTokenize

        public static boolean isParallelTokenize()
      • isStagedParallelTransform

        public static boolean isStagedParallelTransform()
      • getNumberTokenizeBlocks

        public static int getNumberTokenizeBlocks()
      • getParallelApplyBlocks

        public static int getParallelApplyBlocks()
      • getParallelBuildBlocks

        public static int getParallelBuildBlocks()
      • getNumThreads

        public static int getNumThreads()
      • isParallelParFor

        public static boolean isParallelParFor()
      • isCodegenEnabled

        public static boolean isCodegenEnabled()
      • isFederatedRuntimePlanner

        public static boolean isFederatedRuntimePlanner()
      • isCompressionEnabled

        public static boolean isCompressionEnabled()
      • getFederatedTimeout

        public static int getFederatedTimeout()
      • isFederatedSSL

        public static boolean isFederatedSSL()
      • isFederatedReadCacheEnabled

        public static boolean isFederatedReadCacheEnabled()
      • isPrefetchEnabled

        public static boolean isPrefetchEnabled()
      • isMaxPrallelizeEnabled

        public static boolean isMaxPrallelizeEnabled()
      • isAutoLinearizationEnabled

        public static boolean isAutoLinearizationEnabled()
      • isParallelIOEnabled

        public static boolean isParallelIOEnabled()
      • isBroadcastEnabled

        public static boolean isBroadcastEnabled()
      • isCheckpointEnabled

        public static boolean isCheckpointEnabled()
      • isRuleBasedGPUPlacement

        public static boolean isRuleBasedGPUPlacement()
      • isAutoEvictionEnabled

        public static boolean isAutoEvictionEnabled()