Class AggBinaryOp

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      • checkArity

        public void checkArity()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        Check whether this Hop has a correct number of inputs. (Some Hops can have a variable number of inputs, such as DataOp, DataGenOp, ParameterizedBuiltinOp, ReorgOp, TernaryOp, QuaternaryOp, MultipleOp, DnnOp, and SpoofFusedOp.) Parameterized Hops (such as DataOp) can check that the number of parameters matches the number of inputs.
        Specified by:
        checkArity in class Hop
      • setHasLeftPMInput

        public void setHasLeftPMInput​(boolean flag)
      • hasLeftPMInput

        public boolean hasLeftPMInput()
      • isGPUEnabled

        public boolean isGPUEnabled()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        In memory-based optimizer mode (see OptimizerUtils.isMemoryBasedOptLevel()), the exectype is determined by checking this method as well as memory budget of this Hop. Please see findExecTypeByMemEstimate for more detail. This method is necessary because not all operator are supported efficiently on GPU (for example: operations on frames and scalar as well as operations such as table).
        Specified by:
        isGPUEnabled in class Hop
        true if the Hop is eligible for GPU Exectype.
      • constructLops

        public Lop constructLops()
        NOTE: overestimated mem in case of transpose-identity matmult, but 3/2 at worst and existing mem estimate advantageous in terms of consistency hops/lops, and some special cases internally materialize the transpose for better cache locality
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        constructLops in class Hop
      • computeMemEstimate

        public void computeMemEstimate​(MemoTable memo)
        Description copied from class: Hop
        Computes the estimate of memory required to store the input/output of this hop in memory. This is the default implementation (orchestration of hop-specific implementation) that should suffice for most hops. If a hop requires more control, this method should be overwritten with awareness of (1) output estimates, and (2) propagation of worst-case matrix characteristics (dimensions, sparsity). TODO remove memo table and, on constructor refresh, inference in refresh, single compute mem, maybe general computeMemEstimate, flags to indicate if estimate or not.
        computeMemEstimate in class Hop
        memo - memory table
      • isMatrixMultiply

        public boolean isMatrixMultiply()
      • allowsAllExecTypes

        public boolean allowsAllExecTypes()
        Specified by:
        allowsAllExecTypes in class Hop
      • checkTransposeSelf

        public MMTSJ.MMTSJType checkTransposeSelf()
        TSMM: Determine if XtX pattern applies for this aggbinary and if yes which type.
      • checkMapMultChain

        public MapMultChain.ChainType checkMapMultChain()
        MapMultChain: Determine if XtwXv/XtXv pattern applies for this aggbinary and if yes which type.
      • getMapmmMemEstimate

        public static double getMapmmMemEstimate​(long m1_rows,
                                                 long m1_cols,
                                                 long m1_blen,
                                                 long m1_nnz,
                                                 long m2_rows,
                                                 long m2_cols,
                                                 long m2_blen,
                                                 long m2_nnz,
                                                 int cachedInputIndex,
                                                 boolean pmm)
        Estimates the memory footprint of MapMult operation depending on which input is put into distributed cache. This function is called by optFindMMultMethod() to decide the execution strategy, as well as by piggybacking to decide the number of Map-side instructions to put into a single GMR job.
        m1_rows - m1 rows
        m1_cols - m1 cols
        m1_blen - m1 rows/cols per block
        m1_nnz - m1 num non-zeros
        m2_rows - m2 rows
        m2_cols - m2 cols
        m2_blen - m2 rows/cols per block
        m2_nnz - m2 num non-zeros
        cachedInputIndex - true if cached input index
        pmm - true if permutation matrix multiply
        map mm memory estimate
      • refreshSizeInformation

        public void refreshSizeInformation()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        Update the output size information for this hop.
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        refreshSizeInformation in class Hop
      • compare

        public boolean compare​(Hop that)
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        compare in class Hop