Class DataOp

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    public class DataOp
    extends Hop
    A DataOp can be either a persistent read/write or transient read/write - writes will always have at least one input, but all types can have parameters (e.g., for csv literals of delimiter, header, etc).
    • Method Detail

      • checkArity

        public void checkArity()
        Check for N (READ) or N+1 (WRITE) inputs.
        Specified by:
        checkArity in class Hop
      • setOutputParams

        public void setOutputParams​(long dim1,
                                    long dim2,
                                    long nnz,
                                    MatrixObject.UpdateType update,
                                    int blen)
      • setFileName

        public void setFileName​(String fn)
      • getFileName

        public String getFileName()
      • getParameterIndex

        public int getParameterIndex​(String name)
      • setOnlyRDD

        public void setOnlyRDD​(boolean flag)
      • hasOnlyRDD

        public boolean hasOnlyRDD()
      • isGPUEnabled

        public boolean isGPUEnabled()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        In memory-based optimizer mode (see OptimizerUtils.isMemoryBasedOptLevel()), the exectype is determined by checking this method as well as memory budget of this Hop. Please see findExecTypeByMemEstimate for more detail. This method is necessary because not all operator are supported efficiently on GPU (for example: operations on frames and scalar as well as operations such as table).
        Specified by:
        isGPUEnabled in class Hop
        true if the Hop is eligible for GPU Exectype.
      • setInputBlocksize

        public void setInputBlocksize​(long blen)
      • getInputBlocksize

        public long getInputBlocksize()
      • isRead

        public boolean isRead()
      • isWrite

        public boolean isWrite()
      • isPersistentReadWrite

        public boolean isPersistentReadWrite()
      • isFederatedDataOp

        public boolean isFederatedDataOp()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        Checks if the hop is a DataOp with federated data.
        isFederatedDataOp in class Hop
        true if hop is a federated DataOp
      • allowsAllExecTypes

        public boolean allowsAllExecTypes()
        Specified by:
        allowsAllExecTypes in class Hop
      • refreshSizeInformation

        public void refreshSizeInformation()
        Description copied from class: Hop
        Update the output size information for this hop.
        Specified by:
        refreshSizeInformation in class Hop
      • disableRecompileRead

        public void disableRecompileRead()
        Explicitly disables recompilation of transient reads, this additional information is required because requiresRecompile is set in a top-down manner, hence any value set from a consuming operating would be overwritten by opFindExecType.
      • compare

        public boolean compare​(Hop that)
        Specified by:
        compare in class Hop
      • removeInput

        public void removeInput​(String inputName)
        Remove an input from the list of inputs and from the parameter index map. Parameter index map values higher than the index of the removed input will be decremented by one.
        inputName - The name of the input to remove