Class EstimatorSampleRa

  • public class EstimatorSampleRa
    extends SparsityEstimator
    This estimator implements an approach based on row/column sampling Rasmus Resen Amossen, Andrea Campagna, Rasmus Pagh: Better Size Estimation for Sparse Matrix Products. Algorithmica 69(3): 741-757 (2014) Credit: This code is based on the original implementation provided by the authors, modified to fit the SparsityEstimator API, support binary matrix products, avoid unnecessary file access, use Well1024a for seeding local RNGs, and generally improve performance.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EstimatorSampleRa

        public EstimatorSampleRa()
      • EstimatorSampleRa

        public EstimatorSampleRa​(double sampleFrac)
      • EstimatorSampleRa

        public EstimatorSampleRa​(int runs,
                                 double sampleFrac,
                                 double eps,
                                 double delta,
                                 int k)