Class FederatedPlannerCostbased

    • Constructor Detail

      • FederatedPlannerCostbased

        public FederatedPlannerCostbased()
    • Method Detail

      • getTerminalHops

        public List<Hop> getTerminalHops()
      • rewriteStatementBlock

        public ArrayList<StatementBlock> rewriteStatementBlock​(DMLProgram prog,
                                                               StatementBlock sb,
                                                               Map<String,​Hop> paramMap)
        Estimates cost and enumerates federated execution plans in hopRelMemo. The method calls the contained statement blocks recursively.
        prog - dml program
        sb - statement block
        paramMap - map of parameters in function call
        list of statement blocks with the federated output value updated for each hop
      • setFinalFedouts

        public void setFinalFedouts()
        Set final fedouts of all hops starting from terminal hops.
      • updateExplain

        public void updateExplain()
        Add hopRelMemo to Explain class to get explain info related to federated enumeration.