Class RewriteCompressedReblock

  • public class RewriteCompressedReblock
    extends StatementBlockRewriteRule
    Rule: Compressed Re block if config compressed.linalg is enabled, we inject compression directions after read of matrices if number of rows is above 1000 and cols at least 1. In case of 'auto' compression, we apply compression if the data size is known to exceed aggregate cluster memory, the matrix is used in loops, and all operations are supported over compressed matrices.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RewriteCompressedReblock

        public RewriteCompressedReblock()
    • Method Detail

      • satisfiesSizeConstraintsForCompression

        public static boolean satisfiesSizeConstraintsForCompression​(Hop hop)
      • satisfiesCompressionCondition

        public static boolean satisfiesCompressionCondition​(Hop hop)
      • satisfiesAggressiveCompressionCondition

        public static boolean satisfiesAggressiveCompressionCondition​(Hop hop)