Class Dag<N extends Lop>

  • Type Parameters:
    N - the class parameter has no affect and is only kept for documentation purposes.

    public class Dag<N extends Lop>
    extends Object
    Class to maintain a DAG of lops and compile it into runtime instructions, incl piggybacking into jobs.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Dag

        public Dag()
    • Method Detail

      • getNextUniqueFilenameSuffix

        public static String getNextUniqueFilenameSuffix()
      • getNextUniqueFilename

        public String getNextUniqueFilename()
      • addNode

        public boolean addNode​(Lop node)
        Method to add a node to the DAG.
        node - low-level operator
        true if node was not already present, false if not.
      • getJobs

        public ArrayList<Instruction> getJobs​(StatementBlock sb,
                                              DMLConfig config)
        Method to compile a dag generically
        sb - statement block
        config - dml configuration
        list of instructions