Class FunctionCallIdentifier

    • Constructor Detail

      • FunctionCallIdentifier

        public FunctionCallIdentifier()
    • Method Detail

      • setFunctionName

        public void setFunctionName​(String functionName)
        sets the function namespace (if specified) and name
        functionName - the (optional) namespace information and name of function. If both namespace and name are specified, they are concatenated with "::"
      • setFunctionNamespace

        public void setFunctionNamespace​(String passed)
      • getNamespace

        public String getNamespace()
      • validateExpression

        public void validateExpression​(DMLProgram dmlp,
                                       HashMap<String,​DataIdentifier> ids,
                                       HashMap<String,​ConstIdentifier> constVars,
                                       boolean conditional)
        Validate parse tree : Process ExtBuiltinFunction Expression is an assignment statement NOTE: this does not override the normal validateExpression because it needs to pass dmlp!
        dmlp - dml program
        ids - map of data identifiers
        constVars - map of constant identifiers
        conditional - if true, display warning for 'raiseValidateError'; if false, throw LanguageException for 'raiseValidateError'
      • multipleReturns

        public boolean multipleReturns()
        Description copied from class: DataIdentifier
        Method to specify if an expression returns multiple outputs. This method must be overridden by all child classes.
        multipleReturns in class DataIdentifier
        true if expression returns multiple outputs