Class IfStatementBlock

    • Constructor Detail

      • IfStatementBlock

        public IfStatementBlock()
    • Method Detail

      • initializeforwardLV

        public VariableSet initializeforwardLV​(VariableSet activeInPassed)
        Description copied from class: StatementBlock
        For each statement: gen rule: for each variable read in current statement but not updated in any PRIOR statement, add to gen Handles case where variable both read and updated in same statement (i = i + 1, i needs to be added to gen) kill rule: for each variable updated in current statement but not read in this or any PRIOR statement, add to kill.
        initializeforwardLV in class StatementBlock
      • setPredicateHops

        public void setPredicateHops​(Hop hops)
      • getPredicateHops

        public Hop getPredicateHops()
      • getPredicateLops

        public Lop getPredicateLops()
      • setPredicateLops

        public void setPredicateLops​(Lop predicateLops)
      • updateRepetitionEstimates

        public void updateRepetitionEstimates​(double repetitions)
        Description copied from class: StatementBlock
        Updates the repetition estimate for this statement block and all contained hops. FunctionStatementBlocks are loaded from the function dictionary and repetitions are estimated for the contained statement blocks. This method is overridden in the subclasses of StatementBlock.
        updateRepetitionEstimates in class StatementBlock
        repetitions - estimated for this statement block
      • updatePredicateRecompilationFlag

        public boolean updatePredicateRecompilationFlag()
      • requiresPredicateRecompilation

        public boolean requiresPredicateRecompilation()