Class IndexedIdentifier

    • Constructor Detail

      • IndexedIdentifier

        public IndexedIdentifier​(String name,
                                 boolean passedRows,
                                 boolean passedCols)
    • Method Detail

      • getRowLowerEqualsUpper

        public boolean getRowLowerEqualsUpper()
      • getColLowerEqualsUpper

        public boolean getColLowerEqualsUpper()
      • setRowLowerEqualsUpper

        public void setRowLowerEqualsUpper​(boolean passed)
      • setColLowerEqualsUpper

        public void setColLowerEqualsUpper​(boolean passed)
      • setOriginalDimensions

        public void setOriginalDimensions​(long passedDim1,
                                          long passedDim2)
      • getOrigDim1

        public long getOrigDim1()
      • getOrigDim2

        public long getOrigDim2()
      • getRowLowerBound

        public Expression getRowLowerBound()
      • getRowUpperBound

        public Expression getRowUpperBound()
      • getColLowerBound

        public Expression getColLowerBound()
      • getColUpperBound

        public Expression getColUpperBound()
      • setRowLowerBound

        public void setRowLowerBound​(Expression passed)
      • setRowUpperBound

        public void setRowUpperBound​(Expression passed)
      • setColLowerBound

        public void setColLowerBound​(Expression passed)
      • setColUpperBound

        public void setColUpperBound​(Expression passed)
      • multipleReturns

        public boolean multipleReturns()
        Description copied from class: DataIdentifier
        Method to specify if an expression returns multiple outputs. This method must be overridden by all child classes.
        multipleReturns in class DataIdentifier
        true if expression returns multiple outputs