Class ParseException

    • Constructor Detail

      • ParseException

        public ParseException()
      • ParseException

        public ParseException​(String message)
      • ParseException

        public ParseException​(List<CustomErrorListener.ParseIssue> parseIssues,
                              String scriptString)
        This constructor takes a list of parse issues that were generated during script parsing and the original DML/PyDML script String.
        parseIssues - List of parse issues (syntax errors, validation errors, and validation warnings) generated during parsing.
        scriptString - The DML/PyDML script String.
    • Method Detail

      • setParseIssues

        public void setParseIssues​(List<CustomErrorListener.ParseIssue> parseIssues)
        Set the list of parse issues.
        parseIssues - the list of parse issues
      • getScriptString

        public String getScriptString()
        Obtain the original DML/PyDML script string.
        the original DML/PyDML script string
      • setScriptString

        public void setScriptString​(String scriptString)
        Set the original DML/PyDML script string.
        scriptString - the original DML/PyDML script string
      • hasParseIssues

        public boolean hasParseIssues()
        Does this ParseException contain a list of parse issues?
        true if the list of parse issues exists and is greater than 0, false otherwise
      • getMessage

        public String getMessage()
        Obtain the exception message. If there is a list of parse issues, these are used to generate the exception message.
        getMessage in class Throwable