Class CodegenUtils

  • public class CodegenUtils
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • _mainClassLoader

        public static ClassLoader _mainClassLoader
    • Constructor Detail

      • CodegenUtils

        public CodegenUtils()
    • Method Detail

      • setClassLoader

        public static void setClassLoader​(ClassLoader clsLoader)
      • getClass

        public static Class<?> getClass​(String name)
      • getClassSync

        public static Class<?> getClassSync​(String name,
                                            byte[] classBytes)
      • getClass

        public static Class<?> getClass​(String name,
                                        byte[] classBytes)
      • getClassData

        public static byte[] getClassData​(String name)
      • clearClassCache

        public static void clearClassCache()
      • clearClassCache

        public static void clearClassCache​(Class<?> cla)
      • getCUDAopID

        public static Integer getCUDAopID​(String name)
      • putCUDAOpID

        public static void putCUDAOpID​(String name,
                                       int id)
      • putCUDASource

        public static void putCUDASource​(int id,
                                         String src)
      • isNumeric

        public static boolean isNumeric​(String str)

        Extension of org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils to account for negatives and decimals.

        str - the String to check, may be null
        true if only contains digits,-,., and is non-null
      • printWithLineNumber

        public static String printWithLineNumber​(String src)