Class CompressionStatistics

  • public class CompressionStatistics
    extends Object
    Compression Statistics contain the main information gathered from the compression, such as sizes of the original matrix, vs the compressed representation at different stages of the compression.
    • Field Detail

      • originalSize

        public long originalSize
        Size of the original input
      • denseSize

        public long denseSize
        Size if the input is dense
      • sparseSize

        public long sparseSize
        Size if the input is sparse
      • estimatedSizeCols

        public long estimatedSizeCols
        Estimated size of compressing individual columns
      • estimatedSizeCoCoded

        public long estimatedSizeCoCoded
        Estimated size of compressing after co-coding
      • compressedInitialSize

        public long compressedInitialSize
        Compression size after compressing but before finalize
      • compressedSize

        public long compressedSize
        Compressed size
      • originalCost

        public double originalCost
        Cost calculated by the cost estimator on input
      • estimatedCostCols

        public double estimatedCostCols
        Summed cost estimated from individual columns
      • estimatedCostCoCoded

        public double estimatedCostCoCoded
        Summed cost after cocoding
      • compressedInitialCost

        public double compressedInitialCost
        Compressed cost after compression but before finalize
      • compressedCost

        public double compressedCost
        Cost of the compressed representation
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompressionStatistics

        public CompressionStatistics()
    • Method Detail

      • getGroupsTypesString

        public String getGroupsTypesString()
      • getGroupsSizesString

        public String getGroupsSizesString()
      • getRatio

        public double getRatio()
      • getDenseRatio

        public double getDenseRatio()