Interface CoCoderFactory

  • public interface CoCoderFactory
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      • LOG

        static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
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      • findCoCodesByPartitioning

        static CompressedSizeInfo findCoCodesByPartitioning​(AComEst est,
                                                            CompressedSizeInfo colInfos,
                                                            int k,
                                                            ACostEstimate costEstimator,
                                                            CompressionSettings cs)
        Main entry point of CoCode. This package groups together ColGroups across columns, to improve compression further,
        est - The size estimator used for estimating ColGroups potential sizes and construct compression info objects
        colInfos - The information already gathered on the individual ColGroups of columns.
        k - The concurrency degree allowed for this operation.
        costEstimator - The Cost estimator to estimate the cost of the compression
        cs - The compression settings used in the compression.
        The estimated (hopefully) best groups of ColGroups.