Class AMorphingMMColGroup

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, IContainADictionary
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ASDC, ColGroupDDCFOR

    public abstract class AMorphingMMColGroup
    extends AColGroupValue
    Abstract class for column group types that do not perform matrix Multiplication, and decompression for performance reasons but instead transforms into another type of column group type to perform that operation.
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    Serialized Form
    • Method Detail

      • leftMultByMatrixNoPreAgg

        public final void leftMultByMatrixNoPreAgg​(MatrixBlock matrix,
                                                   MatrixBlock result,
                                                   int rl,
                                                   int ru,
                                                   int cl,
                                                   int cu)
        Description copied from class: AColGroup
        Left multiply with this column group.
        Specified by:
        leftMultByMatrixNoPreAgg in class AColGroup
        matrix - The matrix to multiply with on the left
        result - The result to output the values into, always dense for the purpose of the column groups parallelizing
        rl - The row to begin the multiplication from on the lhs matrix
        ru - The row to end the multiplication at on the lhs matrix
        cl - The column to begin the multiplication from on the lhs matrix
        cu - The column to end the multiplication at on the lhs matrix
      • leftMultByAColGroup

        public final void leftMultByAColGroup​(AColGroup lhs,
                                              MatrixBlock result,
                                              int nRows)
        Description copied from class: AColGroup
        Left side matrix multiplication with a column group that is transposed.
        Specified by:
        leftMultByAColGroup in class AColGroup
        lhs - The left hand side Column group to multiply with, the left hand side should be considered transposed. Also it should be guaranteed that this column group is not empty.
        result - The result matrix to insert the result of the multiplication into
        nRows - Number of rows in the lhs colGroup
      • tsmmAColGroup

        public final void tsmmAColGroup​(AColGroup other,
                                        MatrixBlock result)
        Description copied from class: AColGroup
        Matrix multiply with this other column group, but: 1. Only output upper triangle values. 2. Multiply both ways with "this" being on the left and on the right. It should be guaranteed that the input is not the same as the caller of the method. The second step is achievable by treating the initial multiplied matrix, and adding its values to the correct locations in the output.
        Specified by:
        tsmmAColGroup in class AColGroup
        other - The other Column group to multiply with
        result - The result matrix to put the results into
      • extractCommon

        public abstract AColGroup extractCommon​(double[] constV)
        extract common value from group and return non morphing group
        constV - a vector to contain all values, note length = nCols in total matrix.
        A non morphing column group with decompression instructions.
      • getCommon

        public abstract double[] getCommon()
        Get common vector, note this should not materialize anything but simply point to things that are already allocated.
        the common double vector