Interface ColGroupIO

  • public interface ColGroupIO
    IO for ColGroups, it enables read and write ColGroups
    • Field Detail

      • LOG

        static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
    • Method Detail

      • readGroups

        static List<AColGroup> readGroups​(DataInput in,
                                          int nRows)
                                   throws IOException
        Read groups from a file. Note that the information about how many should be in the file already.
        in - The Data input object to read from.
        nRows - The number of rows in the read groups.
        Return a List containing the ColGroups from the DataInput.
        IOException - Throws IO Exception if the in refuses to read data.
      • writeGroups

        static void writeGroups​(DataOutput out,
                                Collection<AColGroup> colGroups)
                         throws IOException
        Writes the ColGroups out to the DataOutput.
        out - The DataOutput the ColGroups are written to
        colGroups - List of the ColGroups to write to file.
        IOException - Throws IO Exception if the out refuses to write.
      • getExactSizeOnDisk

        static long getExactSizeOnDisk​(List<AColGroup> colGroups)
        Get the size on disk for the given list of column groups
        colGroups - A List of column groups to see the disk space required for.
        The exact disk size required for writing the compressed matrix.