Interface ColIndexFactory

  • public interface ColIndexFactory
    • Field Detail

      • LOG

        static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
    • Method Detail

      • createI

        static IColIndex createI​(int... indexes)
      • create

        static IColIndex create​(int[] indexes)
      • create

        static IColIndex create​(int l,
                                int u)
        Create an Index range of the given values
        l - Lower bound (inclusive)
        u - Upper bound (not inclusive)
        An Index
      • create

        static IColIndex create​(int nCol)
      • estimateMemoryCost

        static long estimateMemoryCost​(int nCol,
                                       boolean contiguous)
      • getColumnMapping

        static IColIndex getColumnMapping​(IColIndex comb,
                                          IColIndex a)
        Provide a mapping from a to the combined columns shifted over to column positions in the combined. It is assumed that the caller always input an a that is contained in comb. it is not verified in the call that it is correct.
        comb - The combined indexes
        a - The indexes to look up
        A column index mapping.