Interface HassAndStokes

  • public interface HassAndStokes
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      • distinctCount

        static int distinctCount​(int numVals,
                                 int[] freqCounts,
                                 int nRows,
                                 int sampleSize,
                                 HashMap<Integer,​Double> solveCache)
        Haas, Peter J., and Lynne Stokes. "Estimating the number of classes in a finite population." Journal of the American Statistical Association 93.444 (1998): 1475-1487. The hybrid estimator given by Eq. 33 in Section 6
        numVals - The number of unique values in the sample
        freqCounts - The inverse histogram of frequencies. counts extracted
        nRows - The number of rows originally in the input
        sampleSize - The number of rows used in the sample
        solveCache - A Hashmap containing information for getDuj2aEstimate
        An estimation of distinct elements in the population.