Interface CLALibSeparator

  • public interface CLALibSeparator
    The job of this Lib is to separate and combine back a list of column groups from its dictionaries, and vice versa combine back together dictionaries with their respective column groups
    • Field Detail

      • LOG

        static final org.apache.commons.logging.Log LOG
    • Method Detail

      • split

        static CLALibSeparator.SeparatedGroups split​(List<AColGroup> gs)
        Split a given list of column groups into separate subparts.
        gs - the list of groups to separate.
        A split of the groups and their dictionaries.
      • combine

        static List<AColGroup> combine​(List<AColGroup> gs,
                                       Map<Integer,​List<IDictionary>> d,
                                       int blen)
        Combine a set of separated groups back together.
        gs - groups to combine with dictionaries
        d - dictionaries to combine back into the groups.
        blen - The block size.
        A combined list of column groups.