Class CacheStatistics

  • public class CacheStatistics
    extends Object
    This singleton provides basic caching statistics in CP. 1) Hit statistics for caching (mem, fs, hdfs, total) NOTE: In order to provide accurate statistics in multi-threaded synchronized increments are required. Since those functions are called potentially very often, we use atomic increments (compare and swap) instead of heavy-weight 'synchronized' methods.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CacheStatistics

        public CacheStatistics()
    • Method Detail

      • reset

        public static void reset()
      • incrementMemHits

        public static void incrementMemHits()
      • incrementMemHits

        public static void incrementMemHits​(int delta)
      • getMemHits

        public static long getMemHits()
      • incrementFSBuffHits

        public static void incrementFSBuffHits()
      • incrementFSBuffHits

        public static void incrementFSBuffHits​(int delta)
      • getFSBuffHits

        public static long getFSBuffHits()
      • incrementFSHits

        public static void incrementFSHits()
      • incrementFSHits

        public static void incrementFSHits​(int delta)
      • getFSHits

        public static long getFSHits()
      • incrementHDFSHits

        public static void incrementHDFSHits()
      • incrementHDFSHits

        public static void incrementHDFSHits​(int delta)
      • getHDFSHits

        public static long getHDFSHits()
      • incrementLinHits

        public static void incrementLinHits()
      • incrementLinHits

        public static void incrementLinHits​(int delta)
      • getLinHits

        public static long getLinHits()
      • incrementBPoolWrites

        public static void incrementBPoolWrites()
      • incrementFSBuffWrites

        public static void incrementFSBuffWrites​(int delta)
      • getFSBuffWrites

        public static long getFSBuffWrites()
      • incrementFSWrites

        public static void incrementFSWrites()
      • incrementFSWrites

        public static void incrementFSWrites​(int delta)
      • getFSWrites

        public static long getFSWrites()
      • incrementHDFSWrites

        public static void incrementHDFSWrites()
      • incrementHDFSWrites

        public static void incrementHDFSWrites​(int delta)
      • getHDFSWrites

        public static long getHDFSWrites()
      • incrementLinWrites

        public static void incrementLinWrites()
      • incrementLinWrites

        public static void incrementLinWrites​(int delta)
      • getLinWrites

        public static long getLinWrites()
      • incrementAcquireRTime

        public static void incrementAcquireRTime​(long delta)
      • getAcquireRTime

        public static long getAcquireRTime()
      • incrementAcquireMTime

        public static void incrementAcquireMTime​(long delta)
      • getAcquireMTime

        public static long getAcquireMTime()
      • incrementReleaseTime

        public static void incrementReleaseTime​(long delta)
      • getReleaseTime

        public static long getReleaseTime()
      • incrementExportTime

        public static void incrementExportTime​(long delta)
      • getExportTime

        public static long getExportTime()
      • displayHits

        public static String displayHits()
      • displayWrites

        public static String displayWrites()
      • displayTime

        public static String displayTime()