Class LazyWriteBuffer

  • public class LazyWriteBuffer
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • LazyWriteBuffer

        public LazyWriteBuffer()
    • Method Detail

      • deleteBlock

        public static void deleteBlock​(String fname)
      • init

        public static void init()
      • cleanup

        public static void cleanup()
      • getWriteBufferLimit

        public static long getWriteBufferLimit()
      • setWriteBufferLimit

        public static void setWriteBufferLimit​(long limit)
      • getWriteBufferSize

        public static long getWriteBufferSize()
      • getWriteBufferFree

        public static long getWriteBufferFree()
      • getQueueSize

        public static int getQueueSize()
      • getCacheBlockSize

        public static long getCacheBlockSize​(CacheBlock<?> cb)
      • printStatus

        public static void printStatus​(String position)
        Print current status of buffer pool, including all entries. NOTE: use only for debugging or testing.
        position - the position
      • forceEviction

        public static void forceEviction()
                                  throws IOException
        Evicts all buffer pool entries. NOTE: use only for debugging or testing.
        IOException - if IOException occurs