Class MatrixObjectFuture

    • Method Detail

      • acquireRead

        public MatrixBlock acquireRead()
        Description copied from class: CacheableData
        Acquires a shared "read-only" lock, produces the reference to the cache block, restores the cache block to main memory, reads from HDFS if needed. Synchronized because there might be parallel threads (parfor local) that access the same object (in case it was created before the loop). In-Status: EMPTY, EVICTABLE, EVICTED, READ; Out-Status: READ(+1).
        acquireRead in class CacheableData<MatrixBlock>
        cacheable data
      • clearData

        public void clearData​(long tid)
        Description copied from class: CacheableData
        Sets the cache block reference to null, abandons the old block. Makes the "envelope" empty. Run it to finalize the object (otherwise the evicted cache block file may remain undeleted). In-Status: EMPTY, EVICTABLE, EVICTED; Out-Status: EMPTY.
        clearData in class CacheableData<MatrixBlock>
        tid - thread ID