Class FederatedResponse

    • Method Detail

      • isSuccessful

        public boolean isSuccessful()
      • getErrorMessage

        public String getErrorMessage()
      • estimateSerializationBufferSize

        public long estimateSerializationBufferSize()
      • throwExceptionFromResponse

        public void throwExceptionFromResponse()
                                        throws Exception
        Checks the data object array for exceptions that occurred in the federated worker during handling of request.
        Exception - the exception retrieved from the data object array or DMLRuntimeException if no exception is provided by the federated worker.
      • setCheckedConstraints

        public void setCheckedConstraints​(Map<PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel,​LongAdder> checkedConstraints)
        Set checked privacy constraints in response if the provided map is not empty. If the map is empty, it means that no privacy constraints were found.
        checkedConstraints - map of checked constraints from the PrivacyMonitor
      • updateCheckedConstraintsLog

        public void updateCheckedConstraintsLog()