Class OptNodeStatistics

  • public class OptNodeStatistics
    extends Object
    TODO extend to right as well (see PerfTestTool, currently only trained with regard to left) TODO integrate mem and exec time for reuse?
    • Constructor Detail

      • OptNodeStatistics

        public OptNodeStatistics()
        Default constructor, sets all internal statistics to their respective default values.
      • OptNodeStatistics

        public OptNodeStatistics​(long dim1,
                                 long dim2,
                                 long dim3,
                                 long dim4,
                                 double sparsity,
                                 CostEstimator.DataFormat df)
    • Method Detail

      • getDim1

        public long getDim1()
      • setDim1

        public void setDim1​(long dim1)
      • getDim2

        public long getDim2()
      • setDim2

        public void setDim2​(long dim2)
      • getDim3

        public long getDim3()
      • setDim3

        public void setDim3​(long dim3)
      • getDim4

        public long getDim4()
      • setDim4

        public void setDim4​(long dim4)
      • getSparsity

        public double getSparsity()
      • setSparsity

        public void setSparsity​(double sparsity)