Class OptimizationWrapper

  • public class OptimizationWrapper
    extends Object
    Wrapper to ParFOR cost estimation and optimizer. This is intended to be the only public access to the optimizer package. NOTE: There are two main alternatives for invocation of this OptimizationWrapper: (1) During compilation (after creating rtprog), (2) on execute of all top-level ParFOR PBs. We decided to use (2) (and carry the SBs during execution) due to the following advantages - Known Statistics: problem size of top-level parfor known, in general, less unknown statistics - No Overhead: preventing overhead for non-parfor scripts (finding top-level parfors) - Simplicity: no need of finding top-level parfors
    • Field Detail


        public static final double PAR_FACTOR_INFRASTRUCTURE
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    • Constructor Detail

      • OptimizationWrapper

        public OptimizationWrapper()
    • Method Detail

      • optimize

        public static void optimize​(ParForProgramBlock.POptMode type,
                                    ParForStatementBlock sb,
                                    ParForProgramBlock pb,
                                    ExecutionContext ec,
                                    boolean monitor,
                                    int numRuns)
        Called once per top-level parfor (during runtime, on parfor execute) in order to optimize the specific parfor program block. NOTE: this is the default way to invoke parfor optimizers.
        type - ?
        sb - parfor statement block
        pb - parfor program block
        ec - execution context
        monitor - ?
        numRuns - number of optimizations performed so far
      • setLogLevel

        public static void setLogLevel​(org.apache.log4j.Level optLogLevel)