Class LibTensorAgg

  • public class LibTensorAgg
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • LibTensorAgg

        public LibTensorAgg()
    • Method Detail

      • satisfiesMultiThreadingConstraints

        public static boolean satisfiesMultiThreadingConstraints​(BasicTensorBlock in,
                                                                 int k)
        Check if a aggregation fulfills the constraints to be split to multiple threads.
        in - the tensor block to be aggregated
        k - the number of threads
        true if aggregation should be done on multiple threads, false otherwise
      • aggregateUnaryTensor

        public static void aggregateUnaryTensor​(BasicTensorBlock in,
                                                BasicTensorBlock out,
                                                AggregateUnaryOperator uaop)
        Aggregate a tensor-block with the given unary operator.
        in - the input tensor block
        out - the output tensor block containing the aggregated result
        uaop - the unary operation to apply
      • aggregateBinaryTensor

        public static void aggregateBinaryTensor​(BasicTensorBlock in,
                                                 BasicTensorBlock aggVal,
                                                 AggregateOperator aop)
        Core incremental tensor aggregate (ak+) as used for uack+ and acrk+. Embedded correction values.
        in - partial aggregation
        aggVal - partial aggregation, also output (in will be added to this)
        aop - aggregation operator
      • isSupportedUnaryAggregateOperator

        public static boolean isSupportedUnaryAggregateOperator​(AggregateUnaryOperator op)
        Determines whether the unary operator is supported.
        op - the unary operator to check
        true if the operator is supported, false otherwise