Class LibTensorReorg

  • public class LibTensorReorg
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • reshape

        public static BasicTensorBlock reshape​(BasicTensorBlock in,
                                               BasicTensorBlock out,
                                               int[] dims)
        CP reshape operation (single input, single output tensor)
        in - input tensor
        out - output tensor
        dims - dimensions
        output tensor
      • reshape

        public static List<IndexedTensorBlock> reshape​(IndexedTensorBlock in,
                                                       DataCharacteristics mcIn,
                                                       DataCharacteristics mcOut,
                                                       boolean rowwise,
                                                       boolean outputEmptyBlocks)
        MR/SPARK reshape interface - for reshape we cannot view blocks independently, and hence, there are different CP and MR interfaces.
        in - indexed tensor block
        mcIn - input tensor characteristics
        mcOut - output tensor characteristics
        rowwise - if true, reshape by row
        outputEmptyBlocks - output blocks with nnz=0
        list of indexed tensor block