Class RDDObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • RDDObject

        public RDDObject​(<?,​?> rddvar)
    • Method Detail

      • getRDD

        public<?,​?> getRDD()
      • setRDD

        public void setRDD​(<?,​?> rddHandle)
      • setCheckpointRDD

        public void setCheckpointRDD​(boolean flag)
      • isCheckpointRDD

        public boolean isCheckpointRDD()
      • setHDFSFile

        public void setHDFSFile​(boolean flag)
      • setHDFSFilename

        public void setHDFSFilename​(String fname)
      • isHDFSFile

        public boolean isHDFSFile()
      • getHDFSFilename

        public String getHDFSFilename()
      • setParallelizedRDD

        public void setParallelizedRDD​(boolean flag)
      • isParallelizedRDD

        public boolean isParallelizedRDD()
      • setPending

        public void setPending​(boolean flag)
      • isPending

        public boolean isPending()
      • allowsShortCircuitRead

        public boolean allowsShortCircuitRead()
        Indicates if rdd is an hdfs file or a checkpoint over an hdfs file; in both cases, we can directly read the file instead of collecting the given rdd.
        true if rdd is an hdfs file or a checkpoint over an hdfs file
      • allowsShortCircuitCollect

        public boolean allowsShortCircuitCollect()
      • rHasCheckpointRDDChilds

        public boolean rHasCheckpointRDDChilds()