Class ListWriter

  • public class ListWriter
    extends Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ListWriter

        public ListWriter()
    • Method Detail

      • writeListToHDFS

        public static void writeListToHDFS​(ListObject lo,
                                           String fname,
                                           String fmtStr,
                                           FileFormatProperties props)
                                    throws DMLRuntimeException
        Writes a list object and all contained objects to a folder with related meta data. The individual objects (including nested lists) are written with existing matrix/frame writers and meta data such that the entire list and separate objects can be read back. By using the existing writers, all formats are naturally supported and we can ensure consistency of the on-disk representation.
        lo - list object
        fname - directory name
        fmtStr - format string
        props - file format properties
        DMLRuntimeException - if write fails