Class LibCommonsMath

  • public class LibCommonsMath
    extends Object
    Library for matrix operations that need invocation of Apache Commons Math library. This library currently supports following operations: matrix inverse, matrix decompositions (QR, LU, Eigen), solve
    • Method Detail

      • isSupportedUnaryOperation

        public static boolean isSupportedUnaryOperation​(String opcode)
      • isSupportedMultiReturnOperation

        public static boolean isSupportedMultiReturnOperation​(String opcode)
      • isSupportedMatrixMatrixOperation

        public static boolean isSupportedMatrixMatrixOperation​(String opcode)
      • multiReturnOperations

        public static MatrixBlock[] multiReturnOperations​(MatrixBlock in,
                                                          String opcode,
                                                          int threads,
                                                          int num_iterations,
                                                          double tol)