Class LibMatrixAgg

  • public class LibMatrixAgg
    extends Object
    MB: Library for matrix aggregations including ak+, uak+ for all combinations of dense and sparse representations, and corrections. Those are performance-critical operations because they are used on combiners/reducers of important operations like tsmm, mvmult, indexing, but also basic sum/min/max/mean, row*, col*, etc. Specific handling is especially required for all non sparse-safe operations in order to prevent unnecessary worse asymptotic behavior. This library currently covers the following opcodes: ak+, uak+, uark+, uack+, uasqk+, uarsqk+, uacsqk+, uamin, uarmin, uacmin, uamax, uarmax, uacmax, ua*, uamean, uarmean, uacmean, uavar, uarvar, uacvar, uarimax, uaktrace, cumk+, cummin, cummax, cum*, tak+, cm, cov TODO next opcode extensions: a+, colindexmax