Class CheckedConstraintsLog

  • public class CheckedConstraintsLog
    extends Object
    Class counting the checked privacy constraints and the loaded privacy constraints.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CheckedConstraintsLog

        public CheckedConstraintsLog()
    • Method Detail

      • addCheckedConstraints

        public static void addCheckedConstraints​(Map<PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel,​LongAdder> checkedConstraints)
        Adds checkedConstraints to the checked constraints total.
        checkedConstraints - constraints checked by federated worker
      • addLoadedConstraint

        public static void addLoadedConstraint​(PrivacyConstraint.PrivacyLevel level)
        Add an occurrence of the given privacy level to the loaded constraints log total.
        level - privacy level from loaded privacy constraint
      • reset

        public static void reset()
        Remove all elements from checked constraints log and loaded constraints log.
      • display

        public static String display()
        Get string representing all contents of the checked constraints log.
        string representation of checked constraints log.