Class ColumnEncoderBin

    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnEncoderBin

        public ColumnEncoderBin()
      • ColumnEncoderBin

        public ColumnEncoderBin​(int colID,
                                int numBin,
                                double[] binMins,
                                double[] binMaxs)
    • Method Detail

      • getNumBin

        public int getNumBin()
      • getColMins

        public double getColMins()
      • getColMaxs

        public double getColMaxs()
      • getBinMins

        public double[] getBinMins()
      • getBinMaxs

        public double[] getBinMaxs()
      • setBinMethod

        public void setBinMethod​(String method)
      • build

        public void build​(CacheBlock<?> in)
        Description copied from interface: Encoder
        Build the transform meta data for the given block input. This call modifies and keeps meta data as encoder state.
        in - input frame block
      • computeBins

        public void computeBins​(double min,
                                double max)
      • mergeAt

        public void mergeAt​(ColumnEncoder other)
        Description copied from class: ColumnEncoder
        Merges another encoder, of a compatible type, in after a certain position. Resizes as necessary. ColumnEncoders are compatible with themselves and EncoderComposite is compatible with every other ColumnEncoders. MultiColumnEncoders are compatible with every encoder
        mergeAt in class ColumnEncoder
        other - the encoder that should be merged in
      • allocateMetaData

        public void allocateMetaData​(FrameBlock meta)
        Description copied from interface: Encoder
        Pre-allocate a FrameBlock for metadata collection.
        meta - frame block
      • getMetaData

        public FrameBlock getMetaData​(FrameBlock meta)
        Description copied from interface: Encoder
        Construct a frame block out of the transform meta data.
        meta - output frame block
        output frame block?
      • initMetaData

        public void initMetaData​(FrameBlock meta)
        Description copied from interface: Encoder
        Sets up the required meta data for a subsequent call to apply.
        meta - frame block