Class MLContextProxy

  • public class MLContextProxy
    extends Object
    The purpose of this proxy is to shield systemds internals from direct access to MLContext which would try to load spark libraries and hence fail if these are not available. This indirection is much more efficient than catching NoClassDefFoundErrors for every access to MLContext (e.g., on each recompile).
    • Constructor Detail

      • MLContextProxy

        public MLContextProxy()
    • Method Detail

      • setActive

        public static void setActive​(boolean flag)
      • isActive

        public static boolean isActive()
      • setAppropriateVarsForRead

        public static void setAppropriateVarsForRead​(Expression source,
                                                     String targetname)
      • getActiveMLContext

        public static MLContext getActiveMLContext()
      • getActiveMLContextForAPI

        public static MLContext getActiveMLContextForAPI()