Class Statistics

  • public class Statistics
    extends Object
    This class captures all statistics.
    • Field Detail

      • recomputeNNZTime

        public static long recomputeNNZTime
      • examSparsityTime

        public static long examSparsityTime
      • allocateDoubleArrTime

        public static long allocateDoubleArrTime
      • allowWorkerStatistics

        public static boolean allowWorkerStatistics
    • Constructor Detail

      • Statistics

        public Statistics()
    • Method Detail

      • getNoOfExecutedSPInst

        public static long getNoOfExecutedSPInst()
      • incrementNoOfExecutedSPInst

        public static void incrementNoOfExecutedSPInst()
      • decrementNoOfExecutedSPInst

        public static void decrementNoOfExecutedSPInst()
      • getNoOfCompiledSPInst

        public static long getNoOfCompiledSPInst()
      • incrementNoOfCompiledSPInst

        public static void incrementNoOfCompiledSPInst()
      • getTotalUIPVar

        public static long getTotalUIPVar()
      • incrementTotalUIPVar

        public static void incrementTotalUIPVar()
      • getTotalLixUIP

        public static long getTotalLixUIP()
      • incrementTotalLixUIP

        public static void incrementTotalLixUIP()
      • getTotalLix

        public static long getTotalLix()
      • incrementTotalLix

        public static void incrementTotalLix()
      • resetNoOfCompiledJobs

        public static void resetNoOfCompiledJobs​(int count)
      • resetNoOfExecutedJobs

        public static void resetNoOfExecutedJobs()
      • incrementJITCompileTime

        public static void incrementJITCompileTime​(long time)
      • incrementJVMgcTime

        public static void incrementJVMgcTime​(long time)
      • incrementJVMgcCount

        public static void incrementJVMgcCount​(long delta)
      • incrementFunRecompileTime

        public static void incrementFunRecompileTime​(long delta)
      • incrementFunRecompiles

        public static void incrementFunRecompiles()
      • startCompileTimer

        public static void startCompileTimer()
      • stopCompileTimer

        public static void stopCompileTimer()
      • getCompileTime

        public static long getCompileTime()
      • startRunTimer

        public static void startRunTimer()
        Starts the timer, should be invoked immediately before invoking Program.execute()
      • stopRunTimer

        public static void stopRunTimer()
        Stops the timer, should be invoked immediately after invoking Program.execute()
      • getRunTime

        public static long getRunTime()
        Returns the total time of run in nanoseconds.
        run time in nanoseconds
      • reset

        public static void reset()
      • resetJITCompileTime

        public static void resetJITCompileTime()
      • resetJVMgcTime

        public static void resetJVMgcTime()
      • resetJVMgcCount

        public static void resetJVMgcCount()
      • resetCPHeavyHitters

        public static void resetCPHeavyHitters()
      • getCPHeavyHitterCode

        public static String getCPHeavyHitterCode​(Instruction inst)
      • addCPMemObject

        public static void addCPMemObject​(int hash,
                                          double sizeof)
      • removeCPMemObject

        public static void removeCPMemObject​(int hash)
        Helper method to remove a memory object which has become unpinned
        hash - hash of data object
      • maintainCPHeavyHittersMem

        public static void maintainCPHeavyHittersMem​(String name,
                                                     double sizeof)
        Helper method which keeps track of the heaviest weight objects (by total memory used) throughout execution of the program. Only reported if JMLC memory statistics are enabled and finegrained statistics are enabled. We only keep track of the -largest- instance of data associated with a particular string identifier so no need to worry about multiple bindings to the same name
        name - String denoting the variables name
        sizeof - objects size (estimated bytes)
      • maintainCPHeavyHitters

        public static void maintainCPHeavyHitters​(String instName,
                                                  long timeNanos)
        "Maintains" or adds time to per instruction/op timers, also increments associated count
        instName - name of the instruction/op
        timeNanos - time in nano seconds
      • maintainCPFuncCallStats

        public static void maintainCPFuncCallStats​(String instName)
      • getCPHeavyHitterOpCodes

        public static Set<String> getCPHeavyHitterOpCodes()
      • getCPHeavyHitterCount

        public static long getCPHeavyHitterCount​(String opcode)
      • getHeavyHittersHashMap

        public static HashMap<String,​org.apache.commons.lang3.tuple.Pair<Long,​Double>> getHeavyHittersHashMap()
      • getHeavyHitters

        public static String getHeavyHitters​(int num)
        Obtain a string tabular representation of the heavy hitter instructions that displays the time, instruction count, and optionally GPU stats about each instruction.
        num - the maximum number of heavy hitters to display
        string representing the heavy hitter instructions in tabular format
      • getCPHeavyHittersMem

        public static String getCPHeavyHittersMem​(int num)
      • getJITCompileTime

        public static long getJITCompileTime()
        Returns the total time of asynchronous JIT compilation in milliseconds.
        JIT compile time
      • getJVMgcTime

        public static long getJVMgcTime()
      • getJVMgcCount

        public static long getJVMgcCount()
      • getFunRecompileTime

        public static long getFunRecompileTime()
      • getFunRecompiles

        public static long getFunRecompiles()
      • getNumPinnedObjects

        public static long getNumPinnedObjects()
      • getSizeofPinnedObjects

        public static double getSizeofPinnedObjects()
      • display

        public static String display()
        Returns statistics of the DML program that was recently completed as a string
        statistics as a string
      • wrap

        public static String[] wrap​(String str,
                                    int wrapLength)
      • display

        public static String display​(int maxHeavyHitters)
        Returns statistics as a string
        maxHeavyHitters - The maximum number of heavy hitters that are printed
        statistics as string