Installing Xalan-C++

Prebuilt packages of Xalan-C++ are not provided by the Apache Xalan-C++ project. However, several organisations provide binary builds of Xalan-C++. Existing providers include:

OS Distributor Package
BSD FreeBSD Ports xalan-c
Linux Debian libxalan-c-dev
Linux Fedora and EPEL (for RHEL and CentOS) xalan-c-devel
Linux Gentoo dev-libs/xalan-c
Linux Ubuntu libxalan-c-dev
macOS Homebrew xalan-c
macOS MacPorts xalanc
Windows vcpkg xalan-c

The table above is by no means exhaustive. Other distributors may also provide binary packages for their platforms.

Once installed from a prebuilt package, Xalan-C++ should be immediately ready to use.