Hadoop: YARN-UI V2


Please make sure Hadoop is built by passing -Pyarn-ui to Maven (reference to BUILDING.txt for more details)


In yarn-site.xml

Configuration Property Description
yarn.webapp.ui2.enable (Required) In the server side it indicates whether the new YARN-UI v2 is enabled or not. Defaults to false.
yarn.webapp.ui2.war-file-path (Optional) WAR file path for launching yarn UI2 web application. By default this is empty and YARN will lookup required war file from classpath

Please note that, If you run YARN daemons locally in your machine for test purpose, you need the following configurations added to yarn-site.xml to enable cross origin (CORS) support.

Configuration Property Value Description
yarn.timeline-service.http-cross-origin.enabled true Enable CORS support for Timeline Server
yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.cross-origin.enabled true Enable CORS support for Resource Manager
yarn.nodemanager.webapp.cross-origin.enabled true Enable CORS support for Node Manager
yarn.router.webapp.cross-origin.enabled true Enable CORS support for Yarn Router
yarn.federation.gpg.webapp.cross-origin.enabled true Enable CORS support for Yarn GPG

Also please ensure that CORS related configurations are enabled in core-site.xml. Kindly refer here

Use it

Open your browser, go to rm-address:8088/ui2 and try it!


This UI framework is verified under security environment as well.