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Technical Problems

Make sure that existing documentation do not solve your problem

ECharts has a very large number of users, so it's more than likely that someone else has encountered and solved the problem you've had. By reading the documentation and using the search engine, you can solve your problem quickly by yourself without help from the community.

Therefore, before doing anything else, make sure that current documentation and other resources can't solve your problem. Resources that can be helpful for you include,

Create the Minimal Reproducible Demo

Create an example on Official Editor, CodePen, CodeSandbox or JSFiddle, which will make it easier for others to reproduce your problem.

The example should reproduce your problem in the simplest way. Removing unnecessary code and data can enable those who want to help you to locate and then solve the problem more quickly. Please refer to How to Create a Minimal, Reproducible Example for more details.

Determining if It's a Bug

Report a Bug or Request a New Feature

If some behavior is different from the documentation or isn't what you expected, it's probably a bug. If it's a bug, or you have a feature request, please use the issue template to create a new issue and describe it in detail as per the prompts.

How-To Questions

If it's not a bug, but you don't know how to achieve something, try the

If you don't get an answer, you can also send an email to In order for more people to understand your question and to get help in future searches, it is highly recommended to write the email in English.

Non-technical questions

For other non-technical questions, you can send an email in English to

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