Apache ECharts 5.4.0 Features

Intelligent Pointer Snapping

Some interactive elements may be relatively small in charts, so sometimes it is difficult for users to click and do other operations accurately, especially on the mobile. Therefore, in Apache ECharts 5.4.0, we introduced the concept of "intelligent pointer snapping".

See intelligent pointer snapping for details.

Using Pie charts in more coordinate systems

A very powerful feature of Apache ECharts is the combination of various chart types, coordinate systems, and components. In this version, we have added the coordinate systems option for pie charts.

Thus, pie charts can appear in the Cartesian coordinate systems,

calendar coordinate systems,

geographical coordinate systems,

and even with the Baidu Map and Gaode Map extension.

This greatly extends the flexibility of pie charts, allowing developers to create more combinations of chart effects using Apache ECharts.

Ukrainian Translation

In this release, we added the support of the Ukrainian language. Now Apache ECharts supports 17 languages!

If you need to use a language other than English or Chinese, you need to call echarts.registerLocale to initialize the chart before initializing it, and then pass opts.locale to modify the chart language during init.

Gauge Label Rotation

In this version, we support text rotation of the Gauge series.

axisLabel.rotate can be set to 'tangential' | 'radial' | number. If it is of type number, it indicates the rotation angle of the label from -90 degrees to 90 degrees, with positive values being counterclockwise. In addition to this, it can also be the strings 'radial' for radial rotation and 'tangential' for tangential rotation.

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